If you are near on of the following locations, please come by and train with me or his students! (Please contact them first to let them know you are coming by). This page is for reference only. None of the schools are affiliated directly with the site.

Sifu Wayne Belonoha - Ving Tsun Schools

Sifu Belonoha offers all WCU students 5 free classes (i.e. join his regular class for free). WCU students can also take private lessons for $80/hr with Sifu Belonoha (great for instructor certification candidates).

USA - Atlanta, GA

Instructor: Wayne Belonoha
just west of Atlantic Station
Wai's Kung-Fu
1385-A English St.
Atlanta, GA 30318

Monday & Thursday: 7:30PM & 9PM
Saturday: 10:30AM & noon

Phone: 678-788-5996
Email: [email protected]

Canada - Calgary

Instructor: David Tomlinson
near Deerfoot & Memorial
Wai's Kung-Fu
2750 3rd Ave NE. Unit 109
Calgary, AB T2A 2L5

Mondays: 7:30PM
Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30PM & 9PM
Saturdays: 10:30AM & noon

Phone: 403-263-3993
Email: [email protected]