Two Sets of Video Lessons

There are 2 sets of video lessons. The first set, created in 2010, after 30 years of martial arts experience were organized by course - the Wing Chun University's "Wayne Belonoha's Complete Ving Tsun System". That is to say, one video would follow the Siu Lim Tau course from beginning to end and another for example would follow the Sticking Legs course. However, those courses are not taught that way - they are taught in pieces and are interwoven with other courses. So when we teach, we will have overlapping courses. Much like in accounting, you may take a course on finance and another on book keeping. We may on one day teach from the Siu Nim Tau course, and the Sticking Hands course and maybe even from the Sticking Legs course.

In 2015 I released a new Blu-Ray set with video lessons that followed our 108 step curriculum step by step, the way I teach in my schools.

The two courses teach the same core lessons that I teach in my schools, just organized differently. However, about half of each video set is made up of different examples, humour, demonstrations, camera angles, explanations, idioms, and analogies.

To make this online program, I split up the Wing Chun University course videos so they would align with the curriculum. So each step will have the lesson from the Wing Chun University program as well as the 2015 program. This will give you the most complete picture of each step. Here's a video where I explain it more clearly.