World Class Wing Chun Instruction

If you are new to Wing Chun Kung Fu and looking for the best way to learn the system, then this is it! You have found your new Wing Chun School! If you are a current Wing Chun practitioner, then you will love the in-depth instruction given there that will help round out your knowledge!

This is it - the entire Ving Tsun system organized for you to learn quickly and efficiently.

Sifu Wayne has recently split his massive course of "everything" up into 3 separate ones, with more efficient pricing:

  1. The CORE system (Levels 1-9) and related updates. (Available as a one time fee).
  2. The Pro-Tips videos, Q&A videos, Faults and Fixes videos, live webinar recordings, and general updates not directly related to the core system. (Available as a yearly fee).
  3. The single-topic workshops and seminars. (Available as a yearly fee).

We recommend everyone interested start with the complete system as a bundle. Then add on the workshops and/or pro-tips for at least the first year. This facilitates the best learning environment and gives you a huge about of videos to watch and skills to practice.

Click on a course below to learn more or try out the free preview.

Why the Wing Chun University®?:

For years people have called us up at Everything Wing Chun® and asked us what is the "best" DVD to buy for a beginner. That is always a loaded and complicated question because there are a lot of variables, but now we have a good answer for everyone: The Wing Chun University®! (WCU). It is better than any other DVD or any other online program (and we've watched over 700+ DVDs to know!).

The Best Teachers - There are a lot of great Wing Chun instructors and a lot of crappy ones. You can rest assured the Sifus in the WCU are some of the best Wing Chun teachers in the world. Period. We want the WCU to be the new standard in instruction, and to that end, we only work with the best.

High Quality Video - All the videos are presented in high-definition 720p or 1080p. In addition, the care with which some of the courses were made is remarkable. If you don't believe us check out Sifu Wayne Belonoha's course - he made that himself! It looks like a full studio production. And that savings created by doing the work ourselves is passed on to you.

The Entire System is offered as full in-depth video immer­sion courses presented in individual lessons and steps. You will learn the entire framework for the lineage/system of Wing Chun you are studying, along with as much detail as is possible to relate over video. You also have the opportunity to contact your Sifu and ask questions, get videos reviews, or meet in person to further your education.

Curriculums, Courses, Levels, Lessons/Steps - Because we work with the best teachers you get the benefit of having a highly-tuned curriculum presented to you. We want to take you, the new student, and teach you step-by-step how to become a master; and to do so with multiple Wing Chun lineages. It is this step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson approach that sets us apart, among other things. To our knowledge we are the first to ever offer this kind of approach to training outside the classroom. If you follow the step-by-step timetable for mastery you will learn the entire system over 2 years. If you just watch the videos alone, the same course will take 28-90+ straight hours, so the pace is yours to set. Yes, that is right, some courses are over 90 hours long! These are the most extensive training courses ever put on video!

Sound good? - You should check it out by browsing our courses. You might start off with a free intro video, the free previews, or just jump right in and select the topic that you want to learn more about. We hope you enjoy the WCU, a lot of hard work went into bringing it to you! Your support will translate directly into many new courses and features over the coming years.

Start mastering your Wing Chun today:

  • Watch the HD video lessons. They are optimized to help you learn Wing Chun as well as possible.
  • Train and practice at home.
  • Send in a video of yourself demonstrating your new skills. (Note: not all Sifus offer this service)
  • Your Sifu replies with a detailed analysis of your technique. (Note: not all Sifus offer this service)
  • Study the comments and practice some more!
  • Repeat for each lesson you would like feedback on.

Benefits of the WCU:

  • Learn the entire Wing Chun system from multiple teachers.
  • Detailed video feedback from your Sifu.
  • Well structured and detailed for the beginner.
  • Advanced students - you will improve your understanding.
  • Schools/Sifus can get ideas from the highly tuned curriculums.
  • Direct interaction - Sifus are available via email, our forum or blog. (Note: not all Sifus offer this service)
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Instant delivery - Start immediately. Watch anytime you want.
  • Save a ton of money - No shipping, customs, or VAT.
  • Perfect Playback - No more worrying about scratched or unplayable DVDs.
  • Watch from anywhere - Apps for mobile devices as well as free streaming for life.
  • Lifetime Access.
  • Eco-Friendly - No plastic wrap, shipping waste, or fuel used

PHYSCIAL or DOWNLOADABLE copies the materials:

Do you want to download the videos instead, and own them outright? We do not offer this on this site, but we do on others. So you have a couple options.

1) You can purchase Sifu Belohona's books and BluRay disks on Everything Wing

2) You can buy downloadable versions of all the videos we offer on our PlatformPurple store. You will still need the use an application to download and view them, but they will be yours for life. The downside is that you miss out on the interaction with the Sifus (Note: this primarily applies to Sifu Belonoha's course).