The Fullest Ving Tsun Experience

This course is designed to give you the fullest ving tsun experience that can be achieved without a partner and without extensive coaching from a certified instructor. The lessons taught here are the same as those taught to all my students and instructors, however the quality and grade for remote students will be - by necessity - lower than the standards for those who attend class regularly.

Some skills in ving tsun are developed using partner drills. For those steps, "replacement" drills and skills were developed to allow you to still train the techniques. The goal was to give you as many benefits as possible - including improved health, self defense, mental stamina and spiritual development. However, there will still be skills left undeveloped - called "skill gaps" - until you find a partner and certified instructor.

Our grading process takes into consideration the limitations of distance training.

Informal Grading (Default)

In this course, due to the constraints of distance learning, the default grading is an informal one. At the end of each level, if you wish to have a certificate and a sash you can either schedule a conference call with sifu Wayne or send in one video displaying your skills for each step.

Sifu Wayne will give each step a pass or a "Not yet - needs a bit more improvement" score. If you get 7 or more passes, you can purchase a sash and/or certificate from sifu Wayne's website.

Score Based Grading

This is a more rigorous standard of grading for those who want to take on more challenge. With this grading, you will be scored according to the Wai's Kung Fu Grading Rubric - and held to the same standards as local students. You will receive a PDF report of your score so you know exactly what you need to work on.

Just schedule a video conference for a score based assessment and we'll take a look at each skill and give it a score.

Quality Attributes

Many of the integrated skills will be graded based on how well they demonstrate the following quality attributes.

  • Power, Structure, Relaxed Firmness, Fa Jing, Coordination, Fluidity, Rhythm, Balance, Agility, Intent, Solidity, Effective Subtlety, Timing, Speed, Calmness, Accuracy, Positioning

The descriptions of these Quality Attributes can be found in the course textbook (Volume 2 Pages 56-59: How To Recognize Kung Fu) below, and also in the PDF version at Level 5 Step 60. The entire two volumes of the Wing Chun Compendium set is embedded in the course just like below.


You will be given up to 3 points for each attribute.

  • Consistently Demonstrated Acceptable Quality 3 points
  • Intermittently Demonstrated Acceptable Quality 2 points
  • Rarely Demonstrated Acceptable Quality 1 point
  • Acceptable Quality Not Demonstrated 0 points


Deductions given for deviations from ideal. These include:

  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of footing
  • Forgetfulness
  • Hesitation
  • Long pauses
  • Confused movements
  • Drop weapon
  • Weapon break / clash
  • Wardrobe malfunction

Here's an excerpt from The Wing Chun Compendium - the textbooks for this course.


Instructor Certification

To become a certified instructor while doing the bulk of your training remotely is certainly possible - it's been done many times before in our lineage.

If you wish to be certified as an instructor and receive a gold sash & certificate, we will need to fill any skill gaps and weaknesses until you reach the level of the other certified instructors. All gold sash (certified instructor) tests are performed by Grandmaster Sunny Tang personally - but before you get there you will be tested against our own students other instructors. If you do well against them, you will visit Grandmaster Tang.

To fill the skill gaps will likely require some time training with either sifu Wayne, other certified instructors, or other students in a class setting. During the time between visits, we will continue to improve your skills through drills and video assessments.


This course and the information in it represents the most recent services and supersedes all other offers.

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