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DISCLAIMER (this is the only time you will see this)

Martial arts training, like many sports, is a potentially dangerous activity. Before beginning any training or exercise program, you should first consult with your physician.

Risk of Physical Injuries: Bumps, bruises, scrapes, scratches and soreness are commonplace, and most students will encounter this sort of minor injury in their training. More serious injuries are possible, including sprains, strains, twists, cramps, and injuries of similar magnitude, and students can expect to encounter these injuries infrequently. Although it is very rare for students to encounter serious injuries, the possibility exists, including fractured bones and torn ligaments. As with any physical activity, there also exists the remote possibility of crippling or death.

Liability: The techniques discussed and demonstrated within this video are being performed by healthy professionals and are being shown solely for entrainment purposes. No one should attempt these techniques without personal instruction from a qualified teacher. By purchasing and/or watching any course produced/sold by the Wing Chun University, you are affirming that you understand the above statement of risk (physical injuries), and accept the responsibility for any training techniques, advice, and/or methodologies mentioned herein. You assume responsibility for your own safety, actions, and understanding, and accept all risks involved with martial arts training. By assuming this risk, you completely absolve all authors, creators, and affiliates of this Web site and their videos from liability for any injury (to you or another) or misuse of the information contained herein.

Anyone who attempts these techniques does so at their own risk and assumes 100% responsibility for their actions and the results of said techniques, including any legal action taken against them.

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